Who can benefit from Lean Energy Operations™?


Using energy more efficiently can make manufacturing operations more competitive. Get as much out of your energy dollar as you do out of other business expenses.


Hospitals have unique and life dependent energy applications.  As such resiliency and maintenance requirements are very high.  Monitoring can identify out of range operating characteristics of equipment and help to predict equipment failure.

Educational Institutions

Combining academic, administrative and residential operations means that campuses have a variety of energy applications and energy inputs. Spending less money on energy means more money available on the core mission.

Commercial Real Estate

Large office buildings or campuses with energy spend of $3M or more can benefit from our software.  In addition, our portfolio management module allows enterprise manages to measure on monitor building performance across a portfolio of properties.  Beyond conventional energy monitoring

Lean Energy Operations℠ has already been deployed at

  • Large mass market brewery
  • Large food manufacturing
  • International pharmaceutical manufacturing facility
  • Major Midwestern research university

Successful Deployments of Lean Energy Operations℠

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