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Why Energy Optimization?

Our Lean Energy Operations™platform provides industrial energy users with the tools to achieve true energy optimization. Data driven operations will eliminate waste from your energy system, improve operator efficiency, and drive continuous improvement. Continuous measurement and verification (M&V) and reporting gives everyone the confidence that projects, including the deployment of our software platform, achieve the desired ROI.

Layered Value Proposition

The process adds value for managers and operators at every stage, but the real payoff is in the operationalization of the recommendations in real-time over years.  

  • Credible, visual measurement & verification
  • Handles IT and cybersecurity
  • Makes data available 24/7
  • Tested process for deployment and operations
  • Infer Energy assumes performance risk

Infer Energy uses proprietary hardware, software, and a vetted process to help customers achieve efficiency goals and improve operator productivity. Our layered solution includes solutions for connectivity, engineering & analytics, and measurement & planning.  

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