Infer Energy's Lean Energy Operations™ platform is a software, hardware & process solution to for our end-users to achieve data driven operations, to eliminate waste from your energy system, to improve operator efficiency, and to drive continuous improvement.

Once Lean Energy Operations™ have been achieved, the platform provides a continuous measurement & verifications (M&V) to give everyone (operators, managers, finacial staff and executives) confidence that projects, including the deployment of our platform, achieve the desired ROI.

Infer Energy's platform platform includes solutions for connectivity, analytics & optimization, and measurement & planning.  These layers of value mean that you will see savings and efficiency gains from the outset, but each layer provides additional value

Benefits for Customers

The process adds value for managers and operators at every stage, but the real payoff is in the operationalization of the recommendations in real-time, over the course of years.

  • Credible, visual measurement & verification
  • Handles IT and cybersecurity
  • Makes data available 24/7
  • Tested process for deployment and operations
  • Infer Energy assumes performance risk

The first step in Lean Energy Operations™ is to establish the Connectivity layer of the solution.  This includes three steps designed to get us up and running:

Site Walkthrough

Professional engineers and data telecom professionals will inventory the site energy and communications infrastructure as well as any custom configuration applicable to the facility.

Data Collection and Transfer

Data is collected from all facility sensors and controls using our proprietary industrial PC.  

Transfer to the cloud hosting service is accomplished through secure, one-way communications.

Energy Flow Model

The operational model built into Balance℠ for each facility requires professional engineers to create an energy flow diagram.

Data Analysis

No other solution on the market offers the level of advanced data science to optimize energy operations.

Improve Operator Effectiveness

Balance™ empowers building operators to take real-time actions that improve efficiency.

Operators can demonstrate credibly value they achieve through implementation of recommended measures. Allows gamification of operational recommendations to enhance operator engagement and improve morale.

Visualization, Enhanced Measurement & Verification

Big data means more credibility for reporting of measurement and verification. Enhanced M&V provides credibility for financial partners and improves managements ability to strengthen operational controls.

The Balance™ business dashboard provides managers with the ability to see what savings have been realized because of the recommendations made by the software AND to see what opportunities have been missed.

Move Beyond the Dashboard

Unlike other energy management strategies, Infer Energy's Lean Energy Operations℠ applies both big-data analytics and in-depth engineering to each and every energy-related process. No part of the energy supply/demand equation is ignored.  

Rigorous, conventional engineering processes, applied in a procedurally consistent, replicable and scalable fashion are combined with the insights of big-data analytics to provide a level of efficiency that simply can not be achieved through simple dashboards.

Optimization builds on the analytics layers to enable Lean Energy Operations℠ with true mathematical optimization of energy operations.  By combining the power of big data with a robust energy flow model informed by engineering insights, Infer Energy's Lean Energy Operations℠ platform can wring every last bit of value out of your energy system.

The More Complex the Energy Supply and Demand Equation, the Greater the Value of Optimization


Optimization is not needed for every project, however for large very complex energy systems, the extra effort needed to design real-time optimization (and if necessary integration with energy and plant control systems) can be extremely valuable.  In particular, we have found optimization to be valuable to end-users with multiple supply opportunities, varying demand requirements, exposure to external effects (ambient temperature, variable energy supply prices, production schedules) to achieve significant energy efficiency savings through optimization.


Planning and Scenario Analyis

The availability of large amounts of operational data tied to economic measures allows for easy extraction for scenario planning. Our Elevate℠ software takes past operational data and substitutes alternative equipment configurations or economic assumptions to provide guidance for decisionmaking at the operational and strategic levels.