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Engineering + Big Data Analytics = Leverage

We partner with organizations that help their clients manage and operate energy systems.  Our partners include professional engineering firms, energy management contractors and original energy equipment manufacturers (OEM's).  

We understand the challenges you face in helping your customers to save money.  The Lean Energy Operations℠ solution is specifically designed to address issues like:

  • High customer acquisition costs
  • Undifferentiated products and high levels of competition
  • Inconsistent results
  • Competitive pressure from adjacent markets, and
  • Lack of productive partnerships with vendors and solution providers.

No matter the type of partner, our goal is to enhance and extend your ability provide value to your customers.  Going beyond traditional engineering practices, our solution adds advanced data analytics. You develop deeper more robust relationships with your customers.  

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Extending the Consulting Engineering Business Model

Lean Energy Operations℠ enables our partners to offer new value to your clients.  We will make your energy consulting business:

  • More valuable to your clients
  • Repeatable - a defined process
  • Faster
  • More productive
  • More credible
  • Data-driven

Beyond the Dashboard

Our Lean Energy Operations℠ process depends on solid, traditional engineering to be successful.  Unlike other energy monitoring and management software solutions, successful deployment of Lean Energy Operations℠ leverages knowledge gleaned from engineering insight and extends that knowledge by applying advanced data analytics capabilities that go well beyond what is normally available to traditional engineering firms.